Charles Turzak - woodcuts, paintings, limited edition prints and watercolors.
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The 1930's part 2

Charles Turzak
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  Charles Turzak - Printmaker, Painter, Illustrator, Watercolorist, Cartoonist, Designer,
Author, Lecturer, Teacher.

McCoy 6th Army Corp1
McCoy 6th Army Corp2
Mural - Lemont, IL.

Seeing Charlie Turzak sketching at a street corner, in Grant Park, or along the lakefront had been a frequent sight since his arrival in Chicago. Even in a restaurant if he had nothing but a paper napkin to sketch on, it would do. Waitresses eagerly provided him with a continuous flow, quickly gathering them and giggling at the cartoons he had doodled. Easily recognizing themselves, customers and the chef. A quick wit and ready smile balanced his reserved demeanor. He was a man of few words, but his experienced hand could draw a few lines and tell a whole story. He was an artist of the people be they at work or unemployed, waiting for a cup of soup, a loaf of bread, selling apples on the streets, or homeless. Man with Drill, Grant Park, Under the Bridge, Work Relief, Forms Masculine and Feminine, The Tank Worker, Workers I, and Workers II were some of his woodcuts of this era. Clare Leighton, Reviewer for WOOD ENGRAVINGS OF THE 1930'S /The Studio Ltd. /London England, pictured his prints as examples of the new emerging American artist.

Man with Drill
Work Relief
Forms: Masc. - Fem.
Workers I

Workers II
Tank Worker
Grant Park.
Under Bridge

Chips flew as his 1930's urban landscapes showing Chicago's energy were gouged in relief from maple, bass and Russian boxwood blocks. Shadows on the Avenue, Adler Planetarium, La Salle and Washington, Merchandise Mart .A color series titled "Chicago Moods" were strikingly strong views of the city's personality:. South of the Loop, Loop Alley, Randolph Street/Palooka and North Bank of the Chicago River The romance, humor, and drama of city dwellers also immerged: The Kiss, Meditation, The Dancers, Ghetto, Oak Street Beach, Lincoln Park Zoo, Gin, and a series on Northwestern University.

La Salle & Wash.
Merchandise Mart

South of the Loop
Loop Alley
Randolph St.
N. Bank of Chicago River

Oak Street Beach

Lincoln Park Zoo

By 1936 a long awaited family addition occurred, a baby girl arrived in October. A city apartment on Rush Street was fine for a couple, but a growing toddler who could hit high "C" at the drop of a hat, needed space, lots of space! In 1938, a young American architect, Bruce Goff, who Charles had worked with at Vitrolite, a division of Libby-Owens-Corning, was hired to design and build the ultra modern Turzak studio/home in the far northwest suburbs of Chicago. Exhibits in the ground level studio, lower level gallery and throughout the house provided friends and guests at frequently held open house to view Charley's latest artwork. Also during this period of time, 1937, he published his CATALOGUE OF PRINTS BY CHARLES TURZAK. It displayed thirty-five prints, dividing them into five groups: Chicago, Creative, Color, Biography, and Colonial.

Family Picture

(This residence is distinctively marked with a Commission of Chicago Landmark Plaque. It is documented and pictured in: TWO HOUSES BY BRUCE GOFF, 1991, Commission on Chicago Landmarks; INLAND ARCHITECT, Dec. 1979, Vol.23, No.8; THE ARCHITECTURE OF BRUCE GOFF, The Art Institute of Chicago exhibit catalogue, June 8-September 4, 1995; AMERICAN ARCHIVIST/Vol.59/Spring 1996, "The Historian's View" by Professor David DeLong)

Chicago Landmark

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