Charles Turzak - woodcuts, paintings, limited edition prints and watercolors.
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Charles Turzak
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  Charles Turzak - Printmaker, Painter, Illustrator, Watercolorist, Cartoonist, Designer,
Author, Lecturer, Teacher.

  He had a booth at the 1960 Central Florida Fair and a site at the first Winter Park Sidewalk Art Festival showing some of his latest work at both events: Peace in a Mixed-up World, Line - Finite and Infinite, Black Diagonal with Playful Lines. He greatly enjoyed these shows, talking to browsing pedestrians about his exhibit and answering their question, "What is it?" His amusingly interesting explanation would bring others to listen, and soon he would have a gathering. Local clubs quickly seized the opportunity to schedule him for programs to talk about his paintings and woodcuts. Although deeply intense about art, when speaking to a group he would lead to a point with anecdotes of levity and near magical quick sketches. By creating a new viewpoint in the way his audience looked at a piece of art, they were both more informed and well entertained..

Peace in a Mixed Up World
Line-Finite & Infinite
Black Diagonal with Playful Lines

In the fall the Orlando Art Association sponsored the opening of the newly built Loch Haven Art Center. It was a long awaited and much needed event. This edifice was for local artists to exhibit their work, teach classes to children and adults and provide lectures on art, all available to the general public. The Turzaks actively participated. Florence accepted the position, Director of Education, and Charles taught adult classes and lectured on Art History, Contemporary Art, and Design using some of his new paintings as examples: Zigzag Continuity, Free Form Integration, Fish and Free Form, Yellow Circle with Rectangles.

Zig Zag Continuity
Fish and Free Form
Yellow Circle with Rectangles

Introduced into the Winter Park University Club, Winter Park Florida, he became a member. His numerous exhibits, lectures, demonstrations and illustrative artwork for the club resulted in his appointment as permanent Art Chairman, a position he held from the '60's to the '80's. Space-age activity at Cape Canaveral, Florida, brought dignitaries and renowned scientists to visit and speak at the University Club. From these intriguing encounters he plunged into painting: Atomic Fission, Fission #1, Fission #2, Time, Space Plant.

Atomic Fision
Space Plant

The Lake Junaluska Assembly, North Carolina, invited Charles to teach art classes and give lectures; and Florence to hostess the Adult Center during the summer of '64. The Smokies, Green Landscape, Mountain Road, Landscape #1, Landscape #2, A Beautiful Day in the Country, Mountain and Lake were watercolors and paintings done on location with his students in the lush area of Maggie Valley near Asheville. Exhibits of students' and teacher's artwork were shown and rotated in the Adult Center for all the Assembly's summer visitors to enjoy.

The Smokies
Mountain Road
A Beautiful Day

The Orlando Vocational School opened a staff position in their Printing Department for Charles to teach classes in Fine Print making. The Graphic Art Congress, held in Orlando every three years, provided a complimentary booth for him through the '60's and '70's. The congresses ran in three-day sessions with thousands of people in daily attendance from locations all over the country, as well as busloads of school children on field trips. He pulled proofs on his old press, giving those gathered around his booth, youngsters and adults alike, a chance to ink the block with a brayer and pull their own proof. He exhibited canceled wood blocks, his original prints, and gouges and knives, showing the different type of cut each tool made. He explained the stages in producing a print and how the image was cut out of the block in reverse.


Stimulated by this renewed interest, new editions appeared: Space Plant, Nine Lives (in two different color editions), Line and Fish, Mr. Owl, The Phantom, Birds in Flight, Birds Soaring, and Mayflower. Mono-prints and Lino-prints were added. The new images reflected a vast style departure from his print statements of earlier years.

9 Lives
Birds In Flight

Late in the 1960's he and Florence took several months and leisurely traveled a circuit from Florida to Louisiana to Texas, New Mexico, Arizona, California then on to Utah, Chicago and back home. Stopping frequently to see the sights, they visited other artists, old friends, and relatives. A portfolio filled with an abundance of watercolors accompanied their return. Red Sun, Rhapsody in Blue, Black line on Color, The Swamp, Interlacing Movement, Brown Shore Line, Continuous Line Articulation, A Medley of Boats, Mingling with Black, Home Again with Touch of the Orient, Black Line on Red, Accentuating the Mast, Line Accents on Yellow, Yellow and Black Diagonals, Forms on a Blue Sky were a few of the titles he gave to this work. Some of the watercolor studies were colorfully liquid emotional impressions, others purely non-objective and yet others such as Beavertail Cacti, done in Arizona and Birds in the Swamp done in Louisiana were highly representational and naturalistic. The Pioneers and Boat on Dry Dock done in California were later finished as paintings.

Red Sun
Line Articulation
Home Again
Beavertail Cacti

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