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Charles Turzak
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  Charles Turzak - Printmaker, Painter, Illustrator, Watercolorist, Cartoonist, Designer,
Author, Lecturer, Teacher.

In his early eighties, and after decades of teaching, lecturing and exhibiting, along with a life time of explaining "ART", he unquestionably realized the great need for a simple, step by step publication. A book focused toward the layman interested in art. One that was quick to read and easy to reference, defining the main principles of composition, space relationships, and answering the ever popular inquiry. "What is it?" From notes, comments and questions he had explored with his students and audiences he prepared a book titled PICTORIAL ARTICULATION. In the Forward he wrote:
"In this little book the author hopes to point out a few of the many ways artists have chosen to articulate the two dimensional surface that we call a painting and so to help you understand and appreciate more fully the aesthetic and esoteric experience underlying contemporary painting. Some people approach art from one experience only. One should approach art from as many angles as possible, so that the understanding of a painting can be more pleasurable. The few examples herein of surface idiosyncrasies, changes in pictorial articulation and expressions of nonconformity are a mere introduction. I hope you will be inspired to search for more, as many more are available. All art shares a genetic source."

Book Cover
Inside Pages

To illustrate specific points in this book he used his paintings from the '60's, '70's and his latest from the early '80's: Feline Rhythms, Blue Vase, Line Continuity, Sailing on the Blue, Star of David, Bouquet on Red, Crescent Shapes, Abstraction, and Concatenation. In the contents, he briefly escorted the reader through Etruscan design, Japanese prints, and selected works by Verneer, Matisse, Bonard, Whistler, Mondrian, and Pollack. Subtlety introducing new modes of art, mutations, and non-conformities, he carefully extracted any preconceived barriers impeding the reader's subjective understanding. The experienced enjoyment of a painting as an object in itself concluded his assistance, and freely commenced the reader's individual adventures. On the inside back cover he had hand lettered a final thought, a prediction, for the reader:
"The future mutation in art will be much more complex and esoteric, because it will enable the artist to express himself with much more than paint, ink, clay, etc. Today we have an integration of the arts and technology. Tomorrow the artist will be working with light, sound, and computers. Art will no longer be a fragmented subject. The artist will be a comprehensivist because he will be working with all technology."

Feline Rythem
Blue Vase
Line Continuity
Red Bouquet

The early years in the 1980's were "continuums" of productivity and exhibitions. Painting a dozen more non-objectives, many more still lifes, and a very long list of seascapes. Included in these years were: Red and Blue Form on Black, Abstract Continuity on Gray, Sunset Abstraction, Continuity #7, Continuum in Gold and Silver, Abstract #4, Gloriousas and Periwinkles, Touches of Spring, Painted Lady with Scarlet and Friends, Orchids, Gladiolus in Pink, Daisies, Fuchsias and Friends, The America 1851, Racing with the Birds, Two Boats at Sunset, White Sails on Blue, Green Boat and Sails, and Sailing at Sunset..

Gloriousas and Periwinkles
Sunset Abstraction
Contin. Gold & Silver
Sailboat & Reflections
Germaina & Vanderbilt
Gr. Boat & Gr. Sails
Heading for Shore
Sailing At Sunset

In May of 1985 he personally attended his last one-man exhibit held at the Winter Park University Club. In the fall of the same year he finished his last painting. He passed January 31, 1986.

CT Last Exhibit
Reception Charles & Florence

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