Charles Turzak - Disclaimer
  Charles Turzak -
Disclaimer and Return Policy.

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Charles Turzak - Disclaimer & Return Policy

Charles Turzak - Art Disclaimer

  All art-work by Charles Turzak is sold as is!
  Prices have been determined in accordance with any flaw or imperfection found on the art-work.

  A letter of authenticity will be provided by the Charles Turzak Art Estate Owner-Administrator for unsigned or signature stamped art-work.

  No reproduction of Charles Turzak art-work by electronic or mechanical means including photocopying and storage/retrieval systems is permitted.

  To obtain permission for additional usage(s) of Charles Turzak's art-work a letter agreeing to such permission must received from the Owner-Administrator of the Charles Turzak Art Estate as all items are under copyright protection.

Charles Turzak Art - Return Policy

  The return of any Charles Turzak art-work is at the buyer's expense including return shipping and insurance aufficient to cover replacement. Reimbersement will come after thereturned item is inspected.

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